Facade elements dead load, wind, impact, etc. In order to prevent deformation due to factors or endanger life safety, static controls should be performed by an expert.

The facade system elements that require static control before production are as follows;

Profile static control: facade vertical profiles are checked for deflection and torsion values ​​against wind load. In addition to wind load, checks should be made in terms of snow load, human load and other loads, if any, in skylight systems. Horizontal profiles are controlled in terms of both wind load and glass load. As a result of the calculation, the profile section that will provide the required moment of inertia is determined or, if necessary, steel reinforcement sections are determined.

Anchor & Dowel Static Control: Anchors, hanger pins and dowels, which are the carrier of the facade system, should be statically controlled against wind load and self-loads. Another important criterion in the selection of anchors is the concrete quality.

Glass static control: Glasses should be checked against wind load or, where necessary, impact and thrust loads. In point carrier systems, more complicated static calculations should be made depending on the load variety.