Technical Specifications and Quantities: A technical specification is prepared in contact with you before the application. Material details to be used, application method, technical features, static calculations and principle details are included in this specification. Project material quantities and budgets are calculated over the existing architectural project and design.

Field Measurement – Survey: Field measurements required for the Application Project are carried out by a professional team with state-of-the-art precision measuring instruments. This measurement is modeled in computer environment and carries the building coordinate information for the application project.

Application Project: Building line and elevation deviations are determined in line with the optical survey taken in the field, and anchorage and construction axle is made. All materials to be applied are processed on the relevant project and submitted to the approval of the Employer for architectural controls.

Purchasing Management: The purchasing process is started by preparing the pre-order lists of the materials that have received the approval of the employer. Direct purchasing, subcontracting and manufacturing materials are evaluated separately and the optimum quality material is purchased as soon as possible.

Manufacturing: Following the approval of the employer, manufacturing drawings with the necessary detail and precision are prepared in order to produce the product without error. With the production pictures prepared, the production is carried out with the latest technology equipment and the packaged materials are shipped to the field.

Occupational Safety: All necessary work safety precautions and equipment preparation are made before the field assembly. The assembly is carried out with security scaffolding.

Installation: The assembly of the materials shipped to the field is carried out by qualified personnel. The assembly process is done under the control of an expert supervisor, paying attention to all necessary insulation details.