Technical Specifications and Quantities: A technical specification is prepared in contact with you before the application. This specification includes details of the material to be used, application method, technical specifications, static calculations, and principle details. Project material quantities and budgets are calculated over the existing architectural project and design.

Field Measurement – Survey: Field measurements required for the Application Project are carried out by a professional team with state-of-the-art precision measuring instruments. This measurement is modeled in computer environment and carries the building coordinate information for the application project.

Application Project

1.Plan – Section – View Work

The survey, architectural project and visual design taken in the field are evaluated together and the application project that best suits the employer’s demands is prepared. The prepared project will be prepared with details suitable for the purpose of use of the building to meet the technical specification needs. All necessary detailed information will be defined in order to realize facade fabrication on the prepared drawings. This information;

  • Material descriptions, color and property information
  • Facade and joinery axles
  • Warning notes

2.Detailed Drawings

The necessary cross-section and plan details are created for the preparation of production drawings. These details will contain all necessary insulation solutions and installation details.

3.Manufacturing Pictures

In line with the prepared application project and details, material manufacturing drawings are prepared by considering the minimum material waste criteria.

In this context;

  • Aluminum profile fabrication pictures
  • Anchor and fittings manufacturing pictures
  • Subframe manufacturing pictures
  • Sheet fabrication pictures
  • Glass dimensions and glass fabrication pictures