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Aluminium curtain walls designed to gain architectural aesthetics and depending on static requirements can be classified in various ways. It can be grouped as capped, semi-capped and silicone facades depending on the external appearance.


In addition to hundreds of colors and texture alternatives that are not limited to the RAL color chart, anodized production can also be made in a wide variety of color and surface alternatives. Aluminum joinery, which can be evaluated in two main classes as with and without heat insulation, are also classified as follows according to the opening types.


Composite plate, ceramic coating, compact laminate etc. preferred for opaque parts other than joinery and glass facade applications. These are cold cladding applications.


Revolving doors, which are frequently preferred in hotel, hospital, plaza and residence entrances, are solutions that add value to the building. Revolving doors with a very rich scale in terms of color and opening features can be supplied locally and imported.


In railing applications, which have a very important place in terms of fall safety, the choice of carrier system, anchorage, glass thickness, temper & semi-temper should be made very well and it is necessary to determine whether there is a static weakness.

Reflekta Facade Systems

Fire Resistance

In our country, 160 people die in approximately 500 fires every year. Especially in high-rise buildings, it is necessary to prevent the fire and the spread of heat, toxic gas and particles due to fire, which can allow the evacuation of the building in case of fire.

Structural Calculations

In order to prevent deformation due to factors like wind, impact and unnecessary load in facade elements or endangering the life safety, static controls should be performed by an expert.

Acoustic Controls

Facades are systems that allow the building to be isolated from environmental noise sources. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to evaluate the facade material selection carefully and to use additional insulation solutions.

Heat Insulation & Sun Protection

Facade systems should be designed to help isolate the building from outdoor heat conditions. Thermal insulation performance on facades is evaluated according to the thermal insulation coefficient expressed in U.