In our country, 160 people die in approximately 500 fires every year. Especially in high-rise buildings, it is necessary to prevent the fire and the spread of heat, toxic gas and particles due to fire, which can allow the evacuation of the building in case of fire.

In order to ensure fire safety on facades, the following details should be considered.

Material Selection: It should be known that the flammability properties of all materials to be used on the facade will not cause toxic gas and particle emission during fire.

Insulation sheets: sheet thicknesses to be used in floor transitions and space dividers should be carefully selected. Thus, the loss of function of smoke barriers due to deformation due to thermal expansion is prevented.

Parapet Level: In order to prevent or delay the spread of fire to the upper floors, the parapet level should be kept at a height of 100 cm or fire safety should be ensured with sprinker systems.